September Dental Marketing

September Dental Marketing

September is here and its time to ramp up your dental practice’s marketing so we can fill that open schedule I know you have. 

It’s no secret that September is the worst month for practice owners, but that means there are ample opportunities to fill your schedule and come out on top. 

First and foremost I am going to state the obvious but often overlooked. Now is the time to be diligent in calling your patients with unscheduled treatment. This goes for restorative and hygiene patients. 

Another way to get patients in the office is to start sending email blasts and reminders about end of the year benefits expiring. Patients hate the thought of not using their insurance, but sometimes they forget that it’s right around the corner. 

For promotions think about starting to plan your Project Smile campaign, whitening specials for wedding season, and promoting sports guards especially for kids. 

You know patients love free stuff, so why not host a fall basket giveaway! Fill it with fall items such as s’mores, tumblers, throw blankets, fall scented candles, and maybe even a gift card or two. For more reach and engagement consider creating a Facebook ad so you can turn those people into patients at your practice. 

Check out the dates below for inspiration for social media. 

9/6 -National Grandparents Day

9/7 - Labor Day (Don’t forget to remind your patients of holiday hours)

9/11 - USA Remembrance Day 

9/21 - National Dance Day 

9/23 - First Day of Fall 

9/27 - National Coffee Day 

Be sure you are consistent on social media, whether its posting photos, Boomerangs, or going live. Some people think that some holidays are just silly when it reality your audience LOVES seeing something different outside of dental promotions and tips. Posting personalized content is a great way to balance your presence and reach more people.

Since we are heading into football season, don’t forget to tag your local teams to boost morale and just show local support. 

For other ideas, team culture, and marketing tips download the FREE checklist! We update this every month so you always have fresh ideas! 

If marketing just isn’t your forte, Novateur Media offers a range of services from social media management to full-blown strategic marketing planning and implementation.