March Marketing - Don't Leave it to Luck!

March Marketing - Don't Leave it to Luck!

We are marching through the first quarter with a bang? How about you?

Not only have we, along with so many other exciting things, been putting the 2020 Content and Marketing Calendar and monthly checklist to use, we also launched the Accelerated Content Course which already has practices reporting huge positive changes in their strategies. 

The Accelerated Content Course is such an indispensable resource for those who can't keep up with marketing trends, who aren't quite ready to hire out, and just need a starting point where trial and errors have already been filtered through for maximum results. If you think your practice could benefit, you can get all the details for the course here. 

If you didn't know March is a HUGE month for dental. Why? 

Because this month when scheduling hygiene recalls you are going to be scheduling into what we call Slowtember (September). Dentistry really takes a hit during this time, so pre-appointing appointments will be super valuable to your practice in the upcoming fall. 

Some other notable things to mention about March is that you will be celebrating your team quite often this month. 

Dental Assistants Recognition Week 

National Dentist's Day 

Employee Spirit Month 

National “Cleaning” Week 

WOW! This means you have the opportunity to KILL IT on social media and really get to test your limits on marketing this month.

Trust me when I say this, you will receive at least double the engagement on custom content when it comes to social media and these special days are the perfect opportunity. 

Personalized content really resonates with your target market far more than your standard go to posts. So make sure you are capturing #allthethings going on around the office this month. 

Remember you aren't limited to just photos and captions. Mix things up by going live on Facebook, making boomerangs, host polls, and use GIFs when you can. 

For all of the other special days and marketing ideas, download your FREE Content Planner Checklist of March. 

If you didn’t already know, we release a new checklist EVERY month and they are totally free! 

Marketing can be overwhelming, so if you feel like you need more direction or you just really want to get control to plan ahead, such as content, team culture, and email marketing then you should really think about the 2020 Dental Content and Marketing Calendar. 

The calendar includes post ideas for EVERY day, holidays, images, and tips and quotes that are  ready to copy and paste plus MORE! We should highlight that this is DENTISTRY specific, so you don’t have to worry about trying to customize content that has nothing to do with the dental industry.