July Dental Marketing

July Dental Marketing

Holy Cow! It’s the third quarter and everyone is looking for a vacation! 

Sometimes July can be a trying month for dental offices. The dental team is planning their summer vacations, which tend to overlap and patients are more concerned with taking a trip themselves! 

So how are you keeping your scheduled booked? 

Here are some ideas. 

  1. Be sure you are going through the unscheduled list on a monthly basis. 
  2. Hosting a giveaway often draws in potential new patients from social media.
  3. If your schedule is lacking, be sure you are following up with higher production procedures, then technically you will need fewer patients to meet your goal. 

July is National Picnic Month, which is the perfect opportunity for an outdoor cooler or basket giveaway. 

Your focus should also be on Summer Smiles, so whitening products are a huge hit right now! Consider doing a giveaway or promo in this department as well. 

While this month isn’t filled with many traditional holidays outside of Independence Day there are a few that are recognizable on social media. 

7/6 National Kissing Day 

7/13 Amazon Prime Day 

7/19 National Ice Cream Day 

These 3 dates alone allow multiple opportunities for Facebook and Instagram engagement. 

Be sure to share your favorite dental products on Amazon Prime Day and maybe even some to avoid. Even better? Go Live showing demonstrations and/or reasons to buy or not to buy. 

Our checklist is full of team culture ideas for this month along with social media ideas, so be sure to grab that, it’s FREE! 

If you are always falling behind in your marketing department, we offer a range of services including social media management and resources that can put you back on top! 

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