Get Out of the Vicious Marketing Cycle - Get Expert Help

Get Out of the Vicious Marketing Cycle - Get Expert Help

Marketing doesn’t have to feel like Groundhog Day

America’s favorite furry little creature didn’t see his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter, supposedly. Maybe you are wishing the same, except instead of an early Spring, you are leaning towards systematic, easy going marketing. But, you are constantly drowning and always feel like there are neverending roadblocks ahead before “Spring” arrives.

Speaking of Groundhog Day, have you seen that movie? Bill Murray plays Phil Connors and his day is constantly on repeat. How obnoxious would that be, especially if it was a bad day! So that is you.You have hired out marketing services over and over and yet, you're not yielding the results your company needs. Instead, you are confused at what went wrong, and you're ending with an emptying funnel, bank account, and feeling that the life has been sucked out of you. 

Everyone, including businesses, WISH they could predict the outcome. They want to see their success so they can stop worrying or they want to see their failures so they can detour quickly without the heartache. But guess what? There’s no groundhog that determines these predictions. 

So how can this vicious, unwanted cycle be solved? 

First and foremost, as a business owner or corporation, who wants to grow, you should know that long term relationships is what keeps your company sustainable. During this process you are diving into a deep understanding of the company itself, your target market, and what it is that is really going to drive profits up. 

In House Marketing 

Many companies hire people to build and carry out a customized marketing plan. This takes time to even bring the employee up to speed on what the company is currently going through, what their past experience and investment was, and the current budget. 

Outsourcing Marketing Resources

This is another option that will still have similar effects as in house marketing, but with the time it takes to implement, you will miss out on growth. So your “Spring” won’t come as soon as you thought it would.

Not to mention, the hiring process is usually dictated by the executive level who is not actively involved in the actual aspects of marketing outside of the numbers and budget. 

The Real Solution 

We have had SO many clients who are almost crawling to us with frustration, just like Bill Murray except it's not as comical. Basically we are punished for every person who has ever had a hand in their failed marketing plan. Because now the client is scowling, and says” I heard you were the go to person in the dental field who makes marketing miracles happen.”

That really puts us in the hot seat to smooth everything over.

The best fit in this position is a fractional CMO. The services offered are very focused and we give you the tools customized for your practice, versus a cookie cutter marketing plan. 

Having a fractional CMO yields you high level results, full benefits of all scopes of marketing, and allows you to hone in on what your current team’s skills to determine what you REALLY need from your CMO.

We evaluate your current team capacity and then decide how to put a successful plan in place so you can start seeing growth. You will receive expert strategy custom to your practice/group, clear objectives, strong brand visibility, and really target the perfect persona in order to gain new patients, increased products sales, and keep a full schedule.

If you’re tired of feeling like you are reliving Groundhog Day, Novateur Media offers fractional CMO services that are tailored to the dental industry. Leading over 200 practices in the right direction, credibility speaks for itself.