February Marketing - Fall in Love with Content Creation and Children's Dental Health

February Marketing - Fall in Love with Content Creation and Children's Dental Health

We all know that this month is super special to our industry, because it’s Children’s Dental Health Month! Not only is it great for the focus to be on children but it will also help your marketing towards families and new patients who are looking for a provider for their little ones. 

Before we dive in, just know that we offer a FREE monthly content checklist that is updated every month so you don’t forget any of the major dates, holidays, or opportunities to really show off your business! 

Feel print to go ahead and print your checklist, then follow along with me so you can make notes and start planning your month! 

One of the top marketing campaigns that your focus should hone in on is how to bring awareness to Children's Dental Health, a great way to do this is hosting a free day of dentistry for children. Giving back to the community is an act of kindness along with business awareness and a way to get ahead of your competitors early on in the year. 

Other opportunities to focus on are team outings, activities, and events that include their families. By doing this you will have ample custom photos to use throughout the month and year for other special social media holidays and simply building a rapport with your patients without costing you a cent. 

Another staple to the dental industry for the month of February is National Gum Disease Awareness month. Be sure to spend time on social media with tips, discounts on periodontal services, and/or new patient exams and x-rays. I mean we all know that many people aren’t even aware they have gum disease or finances have gotten in the way somewhere along the lines. 

Periodontal services such as SRP, surgery, maintenance, and Arrestin application are all production procedures that can boost your profits on both the hygienists and dentists schedule, especially when highlighting awareness and offering promotions.

Don’t forget about internal marketing too! Pull reports of people who have unscheduled periodontal treatment and shoot them an email showcasing what you are offering along with education about gum disease. 

Valentine’s Day can be used to show how much you love your patients. Offer flowers to patients on February 14th, they can be bought in bulk for cheaper pricing, and remember to not let the photo opt pass you by! Wondering where you can order them on a budget? Check out GlobalRose, I've order THOUSANDS of carnations over the last few years, and they arrive in perfect condition every time. The best part is the smiles on the faces of our patients as they leave our office with a small token of love each Valentine's Day.

Keep in mind that wedding season and graduation ceremonies are coming in the future, it’s never too late to start marketing for whitening and Invisalign/clear braces.  

If you feel like your online presence and marketing in general just isn’t where it should be or you just want to get a better handle on things now rather than later, be sure to check out the 2020 Social Media Content Calendar that is full a ideas for EVERY day, culture recommendations, email campaigns and promotional ideas specifically for the dental marketing!