December Dental Marketing

December Dental Marketing

It’s hard to believe that we are down to just a couple of weeks left in December! 

You have all kinds of extra obligations to take care of because of the holidays, the end of the year, etc. But don’t let go of your marketing! 

Take an hour of your day to get the rest of your 2019 social scheduled for your practice so that you can spend the remaining your time enjoying the holidays. 

Between the monthly checklist and the December freebies we are offering you won’t have to worry about this taking too long! 

The checklist highlights the remaining holidays and that reminder you need about announcing special hours and sending those last few emails to your patients regarding benefits. 

If you have participated in any charity events this month, don’t forget to showcase those! 

Be sure to show off your employee outings, luncheons, or parties and let your following see what a family you guys are!

We know you are running out of time, especially in the marketing department. That’s why we made the freebies for this month include graphics, images, GIFs, and videos that require little to no effort to get posted, but really hits home with your patients and social following. 

If you really want to get a handle on things early for 2020, don’t forget to check out the Done for You Social & Marketing Calendar that is packed with even MORE resources specifically for the dental industry and covers all 366 days!