August Dental Marketing

August Dental Marketing

It’s Back to School, which means business is booming...for now. We will talk about that in a little bit! 

August is a crazy month for dental practitioners. Kids are getting ready to go back to school and parents are catching them up on appointments they missed because of summer vacations. 

This month is such a great time to host giveaways and get involved and do some charity work! 

You can find a ton of ideas on our new monthly checklist (totally free by the way), including culture ideas to keep the office fresh! 

The charity work we mentioned before revolves around a school supply or backpack drive. Hosting a drive not only gives exposure to your practice, but obviously the drive is invaluable to the kids who receive. 

This month think about a couple of giveaways! This could be centered around school or National S’mores Day on the 10th. 

Remember before when we mentioned business is booming for now? We are referencing “Slowtember” the month we are all dreading. Getting more engagement and exposure now, can help with the upcoming month. 

Now is also the perfect time to share a blog post or create one centered around healthy lunchbox ideas for kids. 

Other dates to take advantage of: 

8/1    National Planner Day

8/2    National Friendship Day

8/10  S'mores Day

8/13  National Relaxation Day

8/22  National Tooth Fairy Day

8/26  National Dog Day

For tooth fairy day, think about team members dressing up and having a contest. Don’t forget to show off the fur babies for National Dog Day. This really resonates with audiences, which drives more engagement to your social media accounts. 

Want more ideas like this for EVERYDAY of the year? Check out our 2020 Social Media Content Calendar, you can also get images too! 

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