April Dental Marketing

April Dental Marketing

This month is super exciting. It’s a new season and a new quarter. How will your dental practice use this opportunity to increase their marketing and social media game? Need a couple of ideas, this post has you covered. 

As always we have just released our FREE monthly marketing checklist for dental providers so grab yours now! It’s filled with multiple marketing strategy ideas exclusively for dental professionals. 

In the dental field, April is known for National Oral Cancer Awareness, Stress Awareness, and Patient Loyalty Month. Not to mention it’s also Autism Awareness Month. 

Your main campaigns for April should be revolving around oral cancer screenings and scheduling family appointments due to many education systems having their Spring Break. 

Here are some other dates that you do not want to miss out on when it comes to posting on social media. 

  1. 4/1    April Fool's Day
  2. 4/2    Autism Awareness Day
  3. 4/11  National Pet Day
  4. 4/12  Easter
  5. 4/16  Get To Know Your Patients Day
  6. 4/18  Husband Appreciation Day
  7. 4/22  National Admin Professionals Day

Don’t forget your hygiene department. It is Dental Hygienist Recognition Week that is observed on April 6th-9th. You will want to honor them with a gift, luncheon, family outing, or some other nice gesture. Be sure to post to social media and TAG them. When you tag them from your dental practice page this will give the office more engagement so that their audience can see you.

Promotional ideas that you should also plan to incorporate are free oral cancer screenings and be sure to include that in your email campaign. If your office does not want to participate in a promo, still send educational information to your list. 

Patient Loyalty month is HUGE. Now is the time that your dental office should be thinking of putting a system in place to host a referral reward contest on social media or find a way to implement a program all of the time. We recommend Modento, simply because the benefits surpass just the loyalty aspect and there’s not another app or software on the market that can do everything like this one. 

So you want to gain new patients, increase profits, and get more exposure to your dental practice? You have to show up, be consistent, and find creative ways to beat out your competitor. 

Maybe this whole marketing thing is just a time sucker in your eyes or maybe you don’t feel like you have the tools you need in order to be successful and are tired of sinking money into strategies that don’t work. 

If that’s the case, we also offer done for you services such as monthly marketing management, the 2020 Content Marketing Planner & Calendar, along with Dental Marketing 101 and the Accelerated Content Planner & Strategy course

Here’s how to decide on what is right for you and your practice when it comes to Novateur Media’s services and products.

As a provider, I don’t really have the time to do #allthethings and I would rather just have someone to do this for me >> Monthly Marketing Management 

You have a team that is capable of marketing, but just need creative ideas >> 2020 Dental Social Media & Marketing Content Calendar

We do not have the capacity to focus on marketing or hire an in house marketing manager, but we have team members that could take on this task if they had a foundation to build on >> Dental Marketing 101 

As a close dental family, we have wasted tons of money and just didn’t get the results we were promised, so we think its best that we take this on ourselves because we as a practice know what our patients want, we just don’t have a set strategy >> The Accelerated Content Plan & Strategy Course 

At Novateur Media we are always looking for innovative ways to help dentists and dental professionals discover their pain points and be able to turn those into strengths! If you ever have questions about your current strategy and need just a little guidance we offer FREE discovery calls that you can book in one click!