December Dental Marketing

December Dental Marketing

It’s hard to believe that we are down to just a couple of weeks left in December and we made it through 2020!

We know your personal and dental office schedule is jammed packed with tying up loose ends, holidays preparations, and all the other things needed before we ring in the New Year! 

But don't forget about your marketing! Many dental practices scale back in Q4 and plan to ramp things up after the New Year. Have a plan before that! Don't blindly guess about where you spend your marketing dollars and fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to team culture and planning.You have all kinds of extra obligations to take care of because of the holidays, the end of the year, etc. But don’t let go of your marketing! 

Take an hour of your day to get the rest of your 2020 social scheduled for your practice so that you can spend the remaining your time enjoying the holidays. 

Between the monthly checklist and the 2021 Dental Marketing and Social Media Toolbox we are offering you won’t have to worry about this taking too long! 

The checklist highlights the remaining holidays and that reminder you need about announcing special hours and sending those last few emails to your patients regarding benefits. PS: Inside the Toolbox there's a FULL year's worth of checklist so you are always thinking ahead! 

What else is in the 2021 Dental Marketing and Social Media Tool Box?

We're glad you asked! 

✅  Full 12 Months of Marketing Planned!

✅  Fully Customizable!

✅  Monthly Marketing Campaign Ideas

✅  Culture Starters to Engage Your Team

⭐ Canva Templates for Social Posts

⭐ Dental Hashtag Guide

⭐ 12 Email Swipe Files

⭐ 12 Facebook Cover Templates

⭐ Video Content Starter Guide

⭐ Over 10 video scripts

⭐  12 Monthly Content Planner Checklists

💰 One-Time Payment


Because it's the gift giving season, our special offer won't long!! So be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts!