14 Easy Ideas for Social Media Content For Your Dental Practice or Business

14 Easy Ideas for Social Media Content For Your Dental Practice or Business

Any content marketing plan will involve social media. Social media content should be quick, easy, and engaging, and you need a steady flow of it. Here are some easy social media content ideas that you can add to your overall strategy.

Quotes. Create a piece around a humorous or motivational quote. You can share it as a quick social media post or create a visual out of it.

Day-of-the-Week Themed Social Media Posts. Create a themed day-of-the-week post like Workout Wednesday or Throwback Thursday for social media. Get your followers to contribute their own posts as well.

Fill-in-the-Blanks. Create posts with a blank for your followers to fill in. Share things like, "If I were independently wealthy, I'd _____," "The biggest drain on my time is ____." This type of post is a great way to learn more about your audience.

Answer a Question. Take one specific question posted by an audience member and create a short video where you answer it. The video can be extremely simple. Just give the camera the answer to the question.

Create a Series. Choose a topic and create a series of posts. For example, a dentist might feature a "Smile of the Day/Week" where they post a picture of a different smile each day or week from a patient or team member.

Polls. Create short, simple polls. Polls are popular on social media. You'll get a great deal of engagement, and it’s a great way to learn about your audience. Polling is also built into most social media platforms.

Present a Challenge. Present a challenge to your followers and ask them to make short videos or post pictures of their progress.

Behind the Scenes Photos. Take a "behind the scenes" photo of your organization, your industry, or something you do, such as developing a new product.

Statistics. Present a statistic about your industry that would be interesting for your audience. Create a simple infographic to make it fun and easy to understand.

Repurpose Evergreen Content. Take "evergreen content," or content that's always relevant, and repurpose it by presenting it in a new format, updating it, or editing it somehow to make it original.

Bring Out an Old Post. Post a link to an old blog post. Choose something that's relevant now or a high-performing piece of content and give it another run. You'll likely have some social media followers who haven't seen it yet.

Make Lists. Lists are much easier to make than posts or articles because there is no composition necessary.

Blog Round-up. Make a short post highlighting your latest few blog posts and a quick blurb about each.

Something Irrelevant. Sometimes, it's good to post something that's not totally relevant to your business. For example, you might take a picture with your dog, a picture of a sunset, or a video of a place you visited on vacation. However, do this with caution and watch your audience's reaction carefully.

Always create social media content with your audience in mind. Make it for them. Try to post things that your audience can engage with and interact with. This is how you build a relationship with them.